A completely integrated software intending to cover all of the shipping company’s needs, Argo ERP already covers most departments and functions, offering additional functionality through custom definition of each role’s reach and responsibilities.

The technical department is currently served via the Spares and Stores procurement workflows as well as the daily detailed vessel reports. This provides complete control of what is being ordered for each vessel and instant access to a detailed engine log.

This along with the PMS system being soon implemented in a fully integrated environment which links it with inventories and supplies, will provide the Technical department with a complete suite of tools for performing and controlling their work.


  • Daily detailed engine log
  • Approvals from Technical Department in all related workflows
  • Accurate vessel performance reports
  • Detailed Item history
  • Optional inventory control via stock items

Facilitate spares procurement ensuring error-proof item ordering with the desired level of control by management, while providing a complete item history for everything ordered through the system.


  • Synchronized with On Board Client
  • Optional Inventory Control via Stock Items
  • Digitized Spares Catalogues
  • Integrated Schematics
  • Complete Item History
  • Departmental Approvals and cost-based alerts
  • Supporting Delivery On Board or to Forwarder
  • Spreadsheet compatibility for interfacing with suppliers
  • Full Item history
  • Capability for the Crew to append new items to the Catalogues, with Technical Department approval stage

Empower your users to handle large supplies procurements without unnecessary duplication of information and paperwork. Easily compare offers, check deliveries and reconcile invoices with no time wasted on data entry and validation.


  • Multi-trader Quotations and Evaluations
  • Multiple Departmental Approval where required
  • Spreadsheet compatibility for interfacing with suppliers
  • Invoice Reconciliation Tools
  • Automatic checks and alerts for differences in prices and quantities between Order and Delivery
  • Two-tiered Item units for ensured accuracy.
  • Synchronized with On Board Client
  • Digitized Item Catalogues
  • Full Item history
  • Capability for the Crew to suggest new items for the Catalogues

Release accountants from preparing journal entries or manually copying information that should already be available to them. Have accounting entries automatically prepared for approval, while obligations are recorded in tamper-proof Payment Requests ensuring the accounting data reflects reality instead of being consistent only with itself.


  • Automated preparation of Journal Entries
  • Consistent Error-Proof Payment and Collection Requests
  • Multi-Currency with exchange rate updating
  • Automatic Voyage Allocation of expenses
  • Immediate access to the source of each record
  • Real-time Financial Reporting
  • Cost and Budget Control Tools
  • Invoice Duplication control

Simplify payments and payment preparation. Powerful tools allow for keeping track of all outstandings, splitting or combining them into Open Items and approving them for settlement.
The Payment and Collection Workflows automatically prepare any relevant Journal Entries, and are automatically filed as per the selected custom filing scheme.


  • Payments Preparation tool
  • Multiple Recipient Payments
  • Outstandings Tracking and Planning with multi-tiered Approval
  • Open Items grouping and scheduling
  • Trader’s folders with complete addresses and bank account information

Streamline post-fixture operations via one-click Hire issuance. All relevant commissions, obligations and Journal Entries are prepared by the system, all dates and times as well as bunker quantities are drawn from the vessel’s Delivery / Re-Delivery reports.


  • Automated Hire preparation based on Operations report data
  • Automated Commission calculation
  • Accountant notification for journal Entries
  • Supporting Variable Hire rates
  • Automatic Voyage and Ledger Allocation

Ensure consistency and traceability with a complete workflow for booking tickets, accommodation and visas allows the Crewing Department to easily record and keep track of their travelling tasks and responsibilities.


  • Single or Multi-passenger
  • Automated email templates for booking
  • Automated Journal Entries
  • Flexible Allocation to a cost center, or individual
  • Personnel folders

Receive the latest information from the vessel via the synchronized on board client. Standardized reports covering all daily operations are immediately transmitted from the vessel, and constantly providing data for a multitude of pre-existing an custom reports.


  • Structured daily reports
  • Vessel reports from synchronized On Board Client
  • Automated human readable email report forwarding
  • Movements Book updated via daily reports
  • Bunkering Workflow integrated with vessel bunkering reports
  • Automated Bunkers and Lubricants Inventory
  • Automated Sea Passage Reports
  • User-defined Graph Reports
  • Ports Library with distances between ports
  • Capability to assign vessels to specific users

Select, assign, and manage crewmembers with minimal data entry under Argo’s intuitive interface. Simplify the process via Contract Templates, auto-calculated Contract Items and stay in control with full crewmember history.


  • Full Personnel Folders
  • Crew Tool for selecting Crewmembers
  • Crew Scheduler
  • Contract Templates
  • Automatically Calculated Dynamic Contract Items
  • Automated Payroll
  • Automated Crew List

Automate and simplify the MGA process for quick review and closing. The automatically calculated payroll based on crew contracts eliminates errors while the automated Journal Entries and Debit/Credit note issuing minimize data entry.


  • Automated Payroll via Crew Contracts
  • Automatically updated Bonded and Victualling via Procurement
  • Easy Allotments, Renumerations and Deductions
  • One-click Crewmember Settlement
  • Simplified On-Board interface
  • Instant Head-Office / On Board synchronization

Monitor a vessel’s status from anywhere, easily create and assign Jobs and automatically provide crewmembers with the required Spares, Forms and Documentation needed to perform their work.


  • Easy setup
  • Intuitive Monitoring
  • Pre-loaded Spares, Forms and Documentation
  • Relevant Spares Availability through Inventory synchronization
  • Supporting multi-departmental structure
  • Instant Inventory Updates for Spares use
  • Fully integrated into ArgoERP