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Mobile app

The Argo Mobile App allows users to be one swipe away from an overview of their work. The application is displayed in an easy-to-understand format and it is updated in real time, showing the latest information on positions, outstanding supplies, voyage results and projections, expiring certificates and many more. In addition to the above, full customization is supported to display any information in the system in order to meet company’s needs.
argosystems argo erp mobile app last report screen
Argo Erp Mobile app Voyage Results
Argo Erp Mobile app Supplies information
The mobile client ensures users, to always have the latest information at hand, in the form of a detailed daily report, as well as a quick summary of each ship’s status.
Keep track of Voyage estimates, projections and actual results with a simple swipe.
Utilizing the role-based security system, each user can access their specific outstanding tasks and alerts!