argosystems argo erp consulting
We provide consulting services in order to fully support the installation of Argo, and provide the users with the confidence to re-structure their work through the system, achieving their goals faster, and easier.
argosystems argo erp consulting

As part of our philosophy and suggested plan of implementation, we map out the company’s processes, blueprint its specific procedures and try to optimize and streamline a company’s operations.

The benefit is not only a successful roadmap to the software’s implementation, but also a clear picture of the company’s method of operation, and examination of its procedures, mapped and laid out.

argosystems argo erp consulting
We provide comprehensive training to both Head Office personnel as well as vessel crews, for the optimal operation of the software.
Roles, tasks, and responsibilities are determined and a training plan is drawn up and groups created according to their common roles and overlapping responsibilities in the organization.Additionally, we aim to train at least on user in the company as a power-user that will be the company’s first point of contact when dealing with questions on the software and providing immediate contextual support.
argosystems argo erp consulting
Besides the customization available through the software’s setup tools, we provide extended customization based on the customer’s needs. This ranges from the formation of new reports and reporting tools, all the way to near-fundamental changes to the code, in order to best serve the customer’s needs and provide his desired level of flexibility or rigidity in their processes.