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Why choose Argo Erp

A host of unique features and technologies, combined to create a powerful software of unprecedented capabilities.

Work as a company, instead of individual insulated departments; achieve organizational goals and manage from your desired field-of-view. From company-wide results, all the way down to individual items in specific cases.
Argo’s structure is fundamentally company-wide, there are no modules to be added, modified and made to cooperate. Information is instantly propagated throughout the system, reports are inherently linked to their sources, and procedures span the breadth of the company.
This provides unparalleled capabilities in how one reviews information, the capability to drill down to the very source, and instantly receive answers instead of waiting for another departments reply.

Set up and create Workflows via the Argo Workflow Engine, translating any company operation into a structured workflow, with clearly assigned access, editing, display rights and task assignment. Tailor the processes to your Business approach.
Argo Workflows can be set up according to each specific user’s or department’s requirements, and can range from the strictly linear, to the highly flexible and versatile, allowing multiple parallel approval steps, informative tasks sent to managerial roles, security-based emergency task transfer, as well as customizable alerts.
Each member of the organization benefits from clearly defined tasks and methods of completing them, while retaining the necessary flexibility for unforeseen circumstances.

A software organized in a way that makes sense to the users and incorporating a powerful search that does not require rote memorization of specific actions to locate the information needed.

Argo’s folders comprise a software organized so that users can always easily locate any date they’re looking for even from incomplete information. A powerful system-wide search offers easy location of case or entity folders in 1 step.

Offer your company a clearly organized and easy to navigate environment, minimizing time wasted on learning and understanding the software, instead of working with it.

An intuitively-organized structure, easy to learn and to navigate, and quick to locate any information through a fully integrated interconnected system.
Each entity in Argo, be it a company, trader, vessel, seaman or cost center has its own folder where all relevant information is concentrated. The user can then drill down to the specific origin of the information and directly access it.
Workflow Cases are also structured in folders, carrying with them the complete history of the case (as well as a record of actions performed on it) from start to finish, Requisition to Payment, as well as all the tools required to handle it.
Users benefit from a familiar, organized workspace, reducing the learning curve and minimizing the training required simply for familiarization with the environment.

Review data from all over your company, identify issues and combine information that is meaningful to you. Use one of the existing reports, configure your own operational report or decide upon a custom report.
Argo draws from its wealth of information, across departments and functions, through powerful reporting tools, from complete procurement histories to budget monitoring. It is one system, handling all information flowing through it, able to combine and display data from seemingly completely separate departments as per the user’s wishes.
The result is receiving meaningful reports, dynamically modifiable to the desired level of detail, for the exact information you’re looking for.

Set targets, follow up on them and perform timely adjustments.
Argo allows you to set your company’s budgetary targets and to then follow up on them via customized over-cost Alerts, Budget Monitoring and Cost Control Tools.
Customized managerial tools will provide sound financial information on which to base decisions assuring that the company meets the objectives.

Easy to set and easy to track Budgets. Management only has to initiate the workflow that will set the tasks for department heads to determine their Budget, which can then be followed up day-to-day via specialized Budget Control tools.

Argo allows for setting up each company’s structure and department heads as needed; the Budget Workflow then takes care of distributing tasks to department heads, allowing them to answer in the degree of detail required, before displaying all information to the manager to finalize the budget. This can then be followed up by Argo’s Budget Control Tool, allowing the user to drill down, from the broader picture, down to individual items in specific orders that might have caused a deviation.

The user can take control of their planning and Cost Center targets, making timely decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

Keep track of your fleet. Whether it is the latest report from a vessel, voyage results, your personal tasks or alerts, they are all instantly accessible from your mobile phone.
The Argo Mobile App allows you to take the necessary information on the go, always accessible, and always up to date, with customizable views and a familiar interface. All or only selected vessels are listed; simply select one and scroll through the multitude of information, updated in real time.
Serving both ship managers who need the greater picture, as well as users keeping track of their day-to-day work, the Argo App allows you to have your desired specific overview of your work with you, available at any time.
Company wide-integration from ship to shore. Argo handles not only the office, but also the vessels as a single organization through which information and tasks flow freely where they are needed.
The On-Board client offers a simple yet effective environment for the crew through which they can submit their reports, Requisitions, Deliveries, Equipment maintenance actions, and receive Orders, updates on upcoming ports, company circulars etc.
Designed through feedback from crewmembers and taking into consideration their commitments and complicated work environment, Argo’s On Board client allows them to be always up to date and always in step with the Head Office.
Delegate tasks, assign access rights, add, remove or transfer users to different work areas quickly and reliably.
Argo is organized around a flexible security engine that handles task assignment and access via Roles. Users are assigned one or multiple roles, and the roles are then assigned access rights and tasks, with granularity reaching from the system-wide, down to individual sections of specific folders.
This provides not only a clear overview on how the system is structured following the organization’s form, but also massive flexibility in adding and removing users, as well as re-assigning responsibilities. As a result, security is more easily maintained while reducing administrative work, maximizing operational efficiency & improving compliance.